Matrimonial investigation– No city in the India captures the imagination as much as Delhi, Gurgaon. Famous for its glamour, its major expanse of longest heights building and Big market areas crowded with beautiful all through the day and its night clubs that never close. Behind the scenes things are happening that only an experienced and professional matrimonial detective agency Karol Bagh Delhi who knows the city inside out will be able to handle.

Matrimonial investigation to Look For In A Matrimonial detective agency Karol Bagh Delhi

Matrimonial Detective Agency in Jaipur

Matrimonial Detective Agency in Jaipur

Karol Bagh Delhi is the number one city in all over India. With a population on its own of over 200,00,000, Delhi and the cities surrounding it make up the fifth largest populated zone in the India. Famed as a holiday center for people who come from all over the World to share its tempting mall and market areas, fabulous restaurants and night spots, Delhi is probably one of the most exotics cities. Famed for is cosmopolitan nature and Delhi flair, Delhi also boasts to have one of the most developed market area in the World, as well as a very popular stopping off point for all the major passengers.

Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGI) Delhi’s international airport handles 50 million passengers every year, and their beachfront hotels are full all year round with tourist and business people. Delhi is a business center, as well as a tourist center, with over five hundred multinational corporations based in and around Delhi. No doubt that Delhi, a multi-cultural population of warm and passionate people, who, for a variety of reasons, need to employ the services of matrimonial detective Karol Bagh Delhi. There are many available for hire in the city and its surrounding areas, each of them with expertise in the many aspects of their profession.

A typical Delhi Matrimonial Detective is all rounder; many of them who got to know their way around the city and gained their knowledge through being members of the Indian Army (Ex.). Others may have been employed either by one of the Govt. organisation or even a investigation department. What ever particular area of private detective for Matrimonial investigation work they are involved in is the area where they will have gained specific experience. They may work for investigation departments checking all kinds of private marriage investigation, or skip tracing missing people. Others may be involved specifically in computer forensics or doing background checks for potential employers in the corporate business world.

However in a steamy city such as Delhi, the infidelity private investigator will be king. In such a diverse environment, if someone suspects that their spouse is cheating it will take only the best of professional help from a private matrimonial investigator to prove wrong doing. Only an experienced infidelity private investigator can track down cheating spouses. With the large number of visitors, languages spoken and lifestyles in Delhi in particular and Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad, Chandigarh and Mumbai in general, an affair can be covered up for years.

Matrimonial Detectives are located throughout the Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkatta, Bhopal, Mathura, Agra, etc.. They have undergone extensive training to provide expert surveillance and any form of private investigations efficiently, quickly and within a reasonable budget.

Vehicle tracking surveillance is another area of expertise for Matrimonial Detective. This form of surveillance can be highly cost effective and efficient method of gathering information. These electronic systems are capable of monitoring vehicle locations around the clock, as well as providing a detailed report of vehicle locations. Often utilized in cases involving domestic surveillance, vehicle tracking technology also provides invaluable information to large businesses regarding the unauthorized use of fleet or company vehicles.

Because of the widespread layout of Delhi and Gurgaon, Haryana, local private investigators are experts in locating missing persons. There is a large transient population in the city, and Matrimonial Detectives are called on to deal with hundreds of missing persons cases every year. By searching through public records and access to data bases, Matrimonial Detectives proudly claim a more than 90% success rate in skip tracing, or missing persons investigations.

  • Complete background searches

  • Pre Marital background checks

  • Missing or hiding persons

  • Questionable deaths & homicides

  • Undercover of covert operations

  • Corporate – pre-employment & thefts

  • Countermeasures – electronic surveillance

  • Insurance fraud

  • Domestic (cheating spouses or partners)

  • Almost every day, some type of new challenge

Once you have mastered the art of investigation, and how to develop the needed information, you will have the Tools of the Trade and the ability to specialize in almost any field of investigation, whether it be in the private sector or any level of Law Enforcement.


 Pre and post-marital relationship check and surveillance
 Cheating spouse verification, and tracking and collecting all kinds of evidence in support.
 Verification of premarital assets, premarital inventory of the intending spouses which helps in     decision making and having a clear idea of the intending spouse.