A large majority of the movies and tv shows you see as well as books and novels you read are done in the version of the writers and the directors, as to how they depict what this business is all about.  Most of the materials used for this is generally based on real-life episodes of case histories from P.I. files!

A look into the fascinating Matrimonial Detective Agency in Delhi, India

Many of the stories are somewhat exaggerated and highly dramatized for entertainment reasons, but you can bet one thing, those P.I.s took a lot of chances and risks and they had their bouts of occasional life-threatening situations if they had the ability and guts to do the job the right way!

As a Matrimonial Detective looking into matters involving other peoples lives, you must proceed with caution, and never underestimate your subject.

As a Private Matrimonial Detective / Investigator, you may be called upon to take a variety of cases such as:

  • Complete background searches

  • Pre-marital background checks

  • Missing or hiding persons

  • Questionable deaths & homicides

  • Undercover of covert operations

  • Corporate – pre-employment & thefts

  • Countermeasures – electronic surveillance

  • Insurance fraud

  • Domestic (cheating spouses or partners)

  • Almost every day, some type of new challenge

Once you have mastered the art of investigation, and how to develop the needed information, you will have the Tools of the Trade and the ability to specialize in almost any field of investigation, whether it be in the private sector or any level of Law Enforcement.


 Pre and post-marital relationship check and surveillance
 Cheating spouse verification, and tracking and collecting all kinds of evidence in support.
 Verification of premarital assets, premarital inventory of the intending spouses which helps in decision making and having a clear idea of the intending spouse.